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15. November 2011
2. price // Main Stadium of Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center and Yong Zhong Campus of Wenzhou Sports College

aspUM.group, the cooperation of asp-architekten Stuttgart and UMnet, have won the second prize in the competition for the South-Chinese Wenzhou Olympic Stadium Complex and the Wenzhou Sport College for 5000 students. In addition to the 50,000 seat Olympic Stadium are multipurpose sport halls, Olympic Swimming Hall, a shopping center, cineplex, and convention center.

The main feature of the project is a raised three cornered public park, whose interior contains the special functions, parking and infrastructure. The dominant figure of the Olympic Stadium and raised park marks the crossing of the city’s administrative and cultural axis with the airport and mountains axis. The new public park offers varied possibilities for sport, leisure and rest.

10. May 2011
Groundbreaking // Apartment House for Senior Women’s Housing Association, Esslingen

31. March 2011
Guest Lecture by Alex Wall // UMnet: The Urban Surface
Tongji University, Shanghai, PRC

28. March 2011
Guest Lecture by Alex Wall // UMnet: "The Shopping Center as Urban Innovator"
Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, PRC

25. March 2011
Guest Lecture by Alex Wall // UMnet: The Urban Surface
CAFA, (China Central Academy of Fine Arts), Beijing, PRC

9. March 2011
Guest Lecture by Alex Wall // UMnet: "Reconceptualizing Cities in the Era of Climate Change“
International Conference: Subtropical Cities, subtropical urbanism beyond climate change
FAU (Florida Atlantic University), Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

16.-18. FEBRUARY 2011
Weinstadt the city of Weinstadt holds a cooperative planning workshop with UMnet and three other firms to develop new concepts for the future development of the Birkel Noodle Factory site.

21. JANUARY 2011
Building for Quality Germany AG – BWD STUTTGART // Workshop in Ulm

Oliver Lambrecht and Markus Weismann is inducted as DGNB Consultants for New Urban District Development / Version 2010. (DGNB - German Sustainable Building Council

The Würth corporation invites proposals for the extension of the Storage and Distribution Center in Gaisbach. The aspUMnet team claimes the 2nd prize.

Prof Alex Wall // UMnet  is Member of the Expert Group for the development of the Certification System NSQ (Sustainable Urban Qurter) of the DGNB.

22.-23. JUNE 2010
Consense -  International Congress und Trade Fair for Sustainable Building in Stuttgart
With the Project "EnBW (Energy Baden-Württemberg)-Site" in Stuttgart-East, UMnet achieves over 80% compliance "Gold". The project is presented as one of ten exemplary projects at the fair.

07.-09. JUNE 2010
Keynote Lecture and Session Moderation by Alex Wall // UMnet
"The Low Density City as a Sustainable Urban System?“
Symposium PLiC -"Public Life in the In-Between City", Technion, Haifa, Israel.

MAY 2010
The Stephan Site, Bad Cannstatt. UMnet achieves the 1st Place in the Cooperative Workshop and is awarded the contract to further develop a feasability study.

26. MAY 2010 
Guest Lecture by Alex Wall // UMnet: "The Urban Surface – public, glorious, urgent" in the "Graduate Program in Landscape-Urbanism", Architectural Association, London.

19.-20. March 2010
Guest Lecture by Alex Wall // UMnet "New Publics / New public spaces“ in the Symposium "The Future of Urbanism", at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

UMnet is a member of the Evaluation Team "Certifying Urban Design" of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council).

UMnet is the winner of an Cooperative Workshop (KoPV) for the "EnBW (Energy Baden-Württemberg) Site“ in Stuttgart East (2008), and is contracted to develop a Feasability Study for the 4,2 ha site.

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Urban Design
"Deitwiesländer" Weinstadt Beutelsbach // The City Oval, Aalen // Esslingen City West // FH (University of Applied Science) Campus Masterplan, Gieen // Automobile City Brilliance Group Jinzhou District China // Urban District Masterplan, Duisburg Marxloh // Fuxingdao 'Water-City / City-Network' Shanghai // West Station Area Masterplan, Vienna // Restructuring Plan, Goods station and Tivoli Quarter, Innsbruck // Extension and New Facilities, Wrth Storage and Logistic, Knzelsau

Public Space
Park-Promenade Bad Schussenried // 'Culture Mile' Stuttgart // Terrace Caf-Bar Fleck & Schneck

regional design
The City in 2030: Karlsruhe City Region // Euregio 2008: The Green Metropolis // Tourism Strategy Neuschwanstein/Hohenschwangau // Timber Innovation Park, Titisee Neustadt

KInvited Workshop Competitions // Feasibility Studies
ENBW (Energy Baden-Wrtemberg) Site, Stuttgart East // urban FIT // New Strategies for the Birkelareal, Weinstadt // The Stephan Site, Bad Cannstatt //


Working Space
Panama Advertising Agency // Extension and New Development at the EnBW Head Office, Karlsruhe // Office O // Renovating an office building, Lindensprstrasse // Renovating an office building, Theodor Heuss Street, Stuttgart // Automobile Showroom of the Future // 7 Oberger GmbH //

Living Space
House S 1 // House Weingärtnerstrasse // HAGF Esslingen // Barn Denkendorf // Apartment Urbanstrasse // Apartment Johannesstrasse // Loft Rommelmühle // Apartment Gothe // Apartment Wiesbadener 2 //

Public Buildings
South German Philharmonic Orchestra Hall, Little Venice, Konstanz // Theater Ensemble Tagblattturm // Mezzogiorno // WHB Bank // Herderschule School Esslingen //

City Pavilion // Expopavilion Shanghai //

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UMnet is an office for urban design and architecture. We are guided by the principle of integrated multi-scale design and planning; and have worked on projects from the scale of the region to the scale of interior design. The team is lead by Professor Alex Wall, Oliver Lambrecht and Markus Weismann. Our different experiences, nationalities and the different generations of the partners, ensures that UMnet offers a broad palette of skills and points of view; combining innovation with experience.

A special area of interest is creating urban design and architectural solutions for difficult or contradictory contexts and situations. Our goal in every case is buildable, pragmatic concepts with the highest design, economic and sustainable qualities. The joy of manipulating space and material, the meaningful application of the newest techniques and the prudent use of available resources form the focus of our work.

// Urban design //
Strategies for difficult inner-city sites
Broad experience with process, especially in cooperative workshops and project communication
Translating design into legal planning documents
Integrated urban design and economic feasibility studies
Evaluation of light industrial areas, commercial architecture and residential neighborhoods
Development and certification of urban districts according to the DGNB sustainable urban quarter criteria

// Arcitechture //
Extending and revitalizing existing buildings
High quality urban houses and apartments, designing for associations and cooperatives
Custom designed office buildings
Historic building rennovation and preservation
Energy efficient and ecological building concepts

// Interior Design //
Custom designed living areas, forging a synthesis between interior and exterior design
Creating legible workplaces that have their own identity
Integrating different stakeholders in the development process

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OLIVER LAMBRECHT // Freelance Architect and Urban Planner, DGNB Auditor

PROF. ALEX WALL // Architect
Professor of Urban Design, Institute for the Design of City and Landscape, KIT, DGNB Expert

MARKUS WEISMANN // Freelance Architekt BDA, DGNB Consultant

// Team members since 2009 //

Thomas Braun, Julia Kees, Marius Gantert, Lisa Pfisterer, Arne Vollmar, Ralf Rilling, Jean Garcin, Fred Ernst, Lisa Effering, Heide Schulz, Max von Günther, Fabian Müller, Andreas Reithmeier, Helmut Sperber, Björn Dittrich


DGNB German Sustainable Building Council e.V.
UMnet is a member of the DGNB and took part in the drafting of the certification system for sustainable urban quarters. Prof. Alex Wall is active in the expert commission. Oliver Lambrecht and Markus Weismann are official DGNB consultants.

Building for Quality AG Germany
The Building for Quality AG Germany is the most process efficient building organisation for integratedbuilding project management – with currently 36 branches and 650 licensed partners in Germany.

For the implementation of special national and international projects and for the detailed construction planning we have a formal cooperation with asp-architects, Stuttgart under the name aspUM.group.

Rüdiger Lambrecht Architekten
For questions of building with natural materials, rennovating existing building stock, and historic preservation we profit from the 30 years experience of the office of Rüdiger Lambrecht architekten, Esslingen.

Dep. of Urban Design, Inst. for the Design of City and Landscape, Faculty for Architecture, KIT
UMnet has a close cooperation with KIT in Karlsruhe. Participation with current themes of urban research at national and international level is a stimulous for our practical work in the office.

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Architectur and Urban Development
Lambrecht // Wall // Weismann Partnership

Talstr. 41
70188 Stuttgart
Tel +49 711 259 9813
Fax +49 711 259 9381


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